Do you have requirements like these?

  • You want to do ad-hoc reporting from your database 
  • you need to upload data, regularly, or occasionally 
  • you need to extract data (e.g. for analysis, or mail-merge, etc) 
  • you are concerned that the only person who knows how to access your data for you, may be leaving or is unavailable 
  • you are reaching the limits of what can be conveniently done with your existing resource 

DBA means Database Administration.

We have DBA specialists on staff for databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, and also MySQL, we provide Database Administration services for these purposes. Usually either as bundles of hours, or monthly agreements. Our clients find this extremely useful.

We can also help you with many other things such as:

  • Scheduling automatic reports from data stored by your business application, even if we didn't create it. 
  • pushing or pulling data into other systems on schedule 
  • allowing data to be analysed with modern multi-dimensional "drill-down" reporting tools, to get different perspectives and summaries of your numbers, and therefore new insights
  • Correcting "broken" records or "wrong entries" which your system might not have the facility to. 
  • Speeding up certain system processing operations or reports which your staff feel are taking agonizing amounts of time possibly caused by a "slow" database.

Do get in touch, and let us know what kinds of database you have, and the sorts of things you'd like to do, and we can work out with you the approximate cost, in addition to helping you immediately if required.

ps. We don't usually need to be on site where the database is, 99% of our work is done via remote connection, i.e. any location, and we have the infrastructure specialists on hand to help organise this with you.