Whilst there are several companies who do "monitoring", we provide services beyond normal monitoring to include your actual Application software, as part of your business systems. This leads to better stability, and smoother operation.

This is Preventative monitoring, for your bespoke Business System, on a 24 hour basis, even if it has been built by someone other than ourselves. 

Are you experiencing issues like these?

  • Sudden batches of errors when your staff are trying to use the system to perform their duties 
  • Recurring "known" issues with the software (even if they can be fixed by experienced staff) 
  • System suddenly very slow, or unavailable - happens regularly. 
  • An important part of your website stops working, and your customers complain.
  • "known" errors in reports, which when spotted can be "fixed" by a senior staff member. 
  • certain "bad transactions" can cause the system to jam or stall with error, which happens unpredictably. 

We find this type of monitoring service is very helpful in identifiying issues which can cause your application to break down, before it's too late, thereby minimizing business disruption.

For example our monitoring system can look for:

  • If your system is supposed to send emails to customers, are these getting stuck inside the system without anyone realising? 
  • Is there a buildup of certain transaction types, not getting processed? 
  • Are certain automated daily activities actually taking place successfully? 
  • Can a simulated customer log on to your web site and still view their transactions ok?
  • Are connections to other systems (for moving data) still alive and working ok? 
  • is the nature of certain transactions likely to cause a problem? 

Our monitoring systems can be set to alert you, ourselves, or both.

We find that often we can even put automated fixes in place, for certain conditions that we monitor for, whereby our monitoring system will fix the issue by itself, if it occurs.

We can provide this service for systems including those not created by us (also see: Legacy systems support).  These can be web applications, or non-web/forms applications, e.g. back office systems.

For most systems, we can progressively put this kind of monitoring in place, working together with you. We can engage the monitoring no matter where you and the system are in the world.

We can supplement our monitoring with infrastructure skills, dba skills, etc all as part of overall applications operations for you, to the degree that you need, even for small and mid-size applications.

Get in touch and tell us about your system, and any example issues you'd like us to work together to prevent.