The technology required to sucessfully drive a business forward is often wide in scope, and needs to include the Applications/Software, not just the underlying hardware infrastructure.

The underlying systems and infrastructure are now more important than ever.

Furthermore, often companies (of all sizes) now can benefit from a hybrid answer, that includes consolidation, virtualization, the cloud, and other modern-day solutions which are not as capital-intensive as before.

Customers, i.e. your customers, now expect to be able to access your services "transparently" without necessarily speaking to someone, and usually there is also a requirement for stability and consistency in the delivery of your services or products.

We realise that your staff need flexibility and mobility in accessing some of your systems, which they may not have today, as well as more resillience from the systems, and better backups and faster disaster recovery ability.

Where possible we try to lower support costs and staff effort, and divert those gains into tools which can drive more business.

We have a process we can undertake, after which we deliver an "IT Roadmap" to you, showing the way forward given your current size, growth rate, challenges, funding ability, and ambitions.

We have the capability to implement the portions of the roadmap you feel represent the best returns on investment.

Recommendations will often cross the boundaries of your existing IT staff/suppliers and beyond.

Contact us to arrange an initial informal phone consultation about this.