What is the Cloud?

The term "Cloud" has become a vague reference to any infrastrucutre or service which is not hosted and maintained by the end user themselves, but instead by a 3rd party provider.  

We have in fact been using cloud services for a very long time, long before the term "Cloud" was coined.  In today's terms, all web based email services such as Hotmail have always been cloud based.


Historically server operating systems were installed directly on to the bare-metal physical hardware.  An industry best practice which certainly reduces certain elements of risk is to seperate and isolate some services from others.  The net result was a large number of physical servers, running at between 10 and 20% utilisation, the remaining 80 to 90% wasted.

Virtualisation is achived by installing a highly specialised operating system instead of the typical Microsoft or Linux operating system, which allows IT administrators to compartamentalise multiple virtual instance on a single physical instance.  This allows for the best practice service isolation on a single piece of hardware delivering levels of cost-efficiency which were not previously available.

Virtual machine workloads can be migrated live from one physical host or storage system to another to allow for maintenance work to be performed with little or no downtime.  Resource pools allow for hosts to be grouped and specific resources to be allocated to the group, ensuring busy hosts to not impact the performance of others.

How do we virtualise?

Pilbeam is heavily invested in VMware virtualisation which we host in our private cloud in N+1 UK data centres, with multiple hosts, highly resilient server hardware, storage and network infrastrucutre, we are able to cost effectively deliver very high levels of uptime with excellent performance.

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