How to move to the Cloud?

Pilbeam offer bespoke migration options to suit your specific requirements, there is no single migration solution which fits all.  Our approach is to conduct extensive analysis of your needs and to work with you in decisiding the best fit cloud solution for your business to achieve the best cost efficiency with minimal impact to your business during the migration.

Contact Us today to start discussions on how to move some or all of your services to the cloud with little or no disruption to your business operations.

What is the Cloud?

The term "Cloud" has become a vague reference to any infrastrucutre or service which is not hosted and maintained by the end user themselves, but instead by a 3rd party provider.  

We have in fact been using cloud services for a very long time, long before the term "Cloud" was coined.  In today's terms, all web based email services such as Hotmail have always been cloud based.

Why it makes sense

Reducing CAPEX - Securing CAPEX for hardware and software procurement is often one of the most challenging exercises for IT managers.  Moving to the Cloud moves ownership of the hardware and its assocaited replacement cycle to the Cloud vendor, software licensing is significantly simplified via more flexible subscription models.

Hardware Resillience - Economies of scale allow cloud vendors to deliver their services on very high-end computing and storage technologies which would never be cost effective for smaller scale deployments.  

Network Resillience - Cloud services are almost exclusively delivered from data centre environments, networks are high capacity and resillient by nature, delivering far higher network uptime than could be archieved locally.

Physical Security - Physical security and access into data centres are very strictly controlled and security staffed around the clock.

Disaster Recovery - One serious challenge in achieving a solid DR solution has always been the data volume and moving it from your primary location to the DR location/facility.  If your data is already in a data centre, moving it to another data centre for DR purposes is usually very cost effective in contrast to using typically slow data services in client offices.