What is the Cloud?

The term "Cloud" has become a vague reference to any infrastrucutre or service which is not hosted and maintained by the end user themselves, but instead by a 3rd party provider.  

We have in fact been using cloud services for a very long time, long before the term "Cloud" was coined.  In today's terms, all web based email services such as Hotmail have always been cloud based.

What commodity Cloud services do we offer?

Cloud-based Email - Pilbeam have partnered directly with Microsoft to allow us to cost effectively deliver both Office 365 and Exchange Online.  Google Apps for Business offers a simplier and more cost effective alternate to Exchange Online.

Cloud-based Anti-Spam - Mail Distiller is our partner of choice for customers who have their own mail servers, anti-spam as a clud server makes sense for a number of reasons: mail is filtered before it reached your infrastructure and thus does not consume your bandwidth, Mail Distiller processes a massive amount of email allowing their service to categorise spam far more efficiently than a localise solution could, the Emergency Inbox service allows user to view, send and receive mail on a web interface in the event that your mail service suffers an outage, providing a level of operational disaster recovery.

Cloud-based Application Platforms - Local delivery of applications using Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp have been a IT adminstrator's dream for a number of years, we are now seeing a trend where these services are being moved to the cloud to leverage the high levels of uptime and resillience which can be provided in a data centre opposed to a business' local office.

Software as a Service (SaaS) - We deliver a number of bespoke software solutions via a subscription model hosted in our private cloud, reducing the CAPEX of the total solution for high volume development projects.

Enabling and Migrating to the Cloud - for example to Google Apps for Business, etc.