What is the Cloud?

The term "Cloud" has become a vague reference to any infrastrucutre or service which is not hosted and maintained by the end user themselves, but instead by a 3rd party provider.  

We have in fact been using cloud services for a very long time, long before the term "Cloud" was coined.  In today's terms, all web based email services such as Hotmail have always been cloud based.

Do you need a web server hosted?

Pilbeam offer a range of options to suit almost any web hosting requirement, from shared LAMP or IIS hosting to dedicated web servers both virtual and physical.

The nature of our consultative approach to projects sets is aside from mainstream hosters.  We manage our own environment and thus are very flexible with regards to solutions which we provide, and can handle a high degree of sophistication including PCI Compliant hosting, which is needed for eCommerce transactions.

Contact Us today to start discussions on how to move some or all of your web services to our hosting with little or no disruption to your business operations.