Are you transforming your business from the Lean point of view?

Lean IT enables us, as your IT partner, to reach beyond alignment, toward fundamental integration, cultivating a collaborative partnership.

This applies to:

  • how IT is applied to the processes
  • the IT function and systems themselves
  • ensuring the continuous operation of the IT systems

We believe in working together at the process design stage, so that we can be truly effective in applying IT to our clients operations.


The Role of the Cloud in Lean Business

Many commodity software services (e.g. rented email in the cloud), and even commodity infrastructure components (e.g. rented server space in the cloud, instead of buying more servers), are now available at an increasingly scalable, low-cost model.

Businesses can now pay for functional utility, rather than infrastructure. This allows a shift of significant portion of annual IT funding from the capital budget, towards variable expenditures, in alignment with actual requirements with greater flexibility.

We help apply cloud technology to simplify, and enhance, the provision of IT to support the value streams in your business.

As a result, the ability for the IT function to support change, is getting more rapid, more direct, and less disruptive.


Your Lean IT Partner

Where our clients are approaching change with Lean thinking, we are ideally suited as the partner for:

  • Delivering projects that enable business growth
  • Linking business and IT strategies and plans
  • Driving positive business change

As a multi-discipline IT partner, we can cross silos to deliver a unified presence for any required IT aspects.

We are always keen to assist in helping our clients deliver business value more directly to their customers.


Enquire with us now, as to our availability for thinking with you about your possible process design changes, and how we can help.