The modern world is increasingly orientated towards web-based service, and mobile.

If your customers could either Buy from your through the internet/mobile, OR would benefit from getting status updates and live product/service/delivery information which is specifically relevant to them, then speak to us!

You don't necessarily need to change your back-office systems to be able to do this.
Also we find that often you can generate new lines of revenue, by adding facilities as part of building this kind of customer-facing system (as well as sometimes making dramatic savings on internal staff work, phone calls, etc).

Ask us to discuss your ideas about this informally, and we can have an initial telephone consultation to evaluate the feasibility and return on investment for you.

We have the capability not just to build such systems, but also to provide the hosting and infrastructure if needed, monitoring 24x7, and resources to help operate them if needed.

"Think unlimited", then let's see how close we can get to the "ideal" at a worthwhile investment level, and how to fund it and get the ROI.