Did you know, Secrets to increasing profits are hidden in your existing data?

Predictive Analytics, until now, has been something that only huge companies have been able to access and use.

Due to our skills base, we are now able to bring this new service within the reach of small and medium sized companies who are keen to find ways to make a significant difference to their financial performance through new insights about their customer behaviour etc.

We call these Actionable Analytics, to reflect the mission to find insights which can be used actively to improve business results.

We also have the skills available to help with system adjustments and workarounds to apply these quickly, or we can guide your existing system suppliers.



  • Save money on marketing -> Know which atttributes and profile customers are most likely to buy before you market to "everyone"?
  • Increase purchases -> place promotions and other techniques in the right place and timing -> Know under which circumstances they buy more, what makes them react sooner (or later)
  • Prevent attrition -> Know in advance who is likely to stop buying, take pre-emptive action
  • Increase the unit of purchase -> Improve upselling and crossselling by knowing who is most predisposed to buying what, before you make the offer without trying to make everyone buy everything and prevent customer fatigue

Consider what you want to maximise

e.g. Fees, Revenue, specific type of revenue, or a behaviour you would like to encourage in your customer base; we will then work with you to find insights that can help you drive these.

How to know if this is suitable:

  • Do you do many transactions per month (of any size)?
  • Do you have a lot of historical transaction information in your system?
  • Do you have many customers (e.g. Business to Consumer, or a very wide base of B2B customers)?


If you have answered YES to the above, then you have a very good opportunity.

Fixed Price Predictive Analytics, with a large ROI

We have innovated in the market, and are the first to be able to offer you Predictive Analytics, at a fixed price!

(this is far more practical than employing statisticians and other skills for an unknown period of time for an unnkown result)

We have 3 levels of the service, and we first do a free inspection to see what potential value there might be for you.


What you Get

We produce insights we find in a very simple format, and through discussion with your team, then find and propose ways to apply these to improve your business's bottom line.


Enquire with us now, as to our availability for thinking with you about your possible process design changes, and how we can help.