Building Apps for Mobile

We approach apps with a focus on helping you succeed as a business with your app.

We cover any aspect required: from assistance with Design, Building the Apps, getting them through the submission process and all the associated decision making.

We now do multi-platform apps, for Android, iOS, Blackberry & Windows.

We're on hand to provide long term support, statistics, etc. as required.

Give us a call to discuss your idea, and we'd be happy to provide any advice and guidance.


Operating Apps - our difference

We assume you want to make a commercial app or system. We differ from normal app developers substantially in this regard, really getting to konw your business model, and working with you to improve the likelyhood of success.

Building the app is often not the only step. for many app ideas, there is a requirement to also have a backoffice system, mobile-compatible web sites (HTML5), etc, all of which has to be run professionally.  We have the resources to do this, including running the central database systems, monitoring, reporting, providing various levels of support etc, on a 24x7 basis, for commercial operations based on apps, i.e. your business.