Do you have one more more Business Systems or bespoke software, which may need some kind of support?

Send us a message with your current problem , and we will give you initial free guidance.

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Requirements we regularly deal with include - do you recognise any?

  • Things regularly not working, or taking forever to get resolved, and recurring.
  • Concern about the person/supplier who "knows" the system is leaving, or is unavailable (e.g. holiday), or not cost-effective 
  • System no longer supported by the supplier (e.g. older customised version) and is now "at risk" 
  • Nobody knows anything about how the business software works - it just works, most of the time. 
  • Need to make a small change to the system, but no resource available to do it 
  • the server that the system is on, is on it's last legs, but nobody dare move it or change it 
  • the system is reaching some kind of limit (e.g. number of records), space etc. 
  • having problems with more people using it, conflicting and locking each other out 
  • we don't have a backup that we trust
  • we're getting strange errors, and worried about it, even though it still appears to be working, but aren't sure. 
  • the system is getting slower and slower. 
  • it's suddenly stopped doing something critical (e.g. sending email to customers that it should) 
  • need to apply software updates, but can't.
  • want new reports from it, but nobody knows how to create them


We have a wide range of methods to deal with the above, including Preventative Monitoring, and more, let us know if we can help.

We also get to know your business processes , terminology etc. 

You might also consider if you need any Database help.


ps. We don't always need to be on site where the system is, 99% of our work is done via remote connection, and we have the infrastructure specialists on hand to help organise this with you. This also means we can typically help you more quickly, no matter where your are in the world.