Are you quite a Unique business?

As one of our core activities, we have the resources to build a very wide variety of business systems for you (of any size), including Cloud-components, as well as to integrate them as needed. 


What would you like to achieve?

Halve your service delivery time?

Reduce customer churn rate?

Triple your capacity?

Get better control, consistency and visibility?

Use the Cloud to get new levels of mobility and leverage?

Do something in a new way, that comparable businesses cannot do today?


Send us a message with your "ideal objective", and we will give you initial free guidance and an estimate on how quickly it can be done, and how close we could get to the ideal.

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We work out with you the Key objectives of the application, then look at the platforms that would be most suitable (e.g. if it's for internal office use, vs a dispersed workforce, vs for your business customers or consumers)

With your team, we then work closely to determine what .. will be in the new system, our consultants assist with considering and suggesting new ways of performing the business tasks as part of this.

As part of this we:

  • Quickly analyse the relevant business Processes (where applicable)
  • Look for efficiency gains in the process as part of the analysis 
  • Identify Cloud based systems to tie into, such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk, SalesForce, Google, etc. that you can leverage
  • Design the system with your team's input and approval 
  • Test planning and testing
  • Performance planning and testing
  • Data migration from the previous systems including migration rehearsals
  • Subsequent system infrastructure implementation and ongoing management 
  • Monitoring and support of the live system 

The sorts of systems we build include:

  • Web Sites, with e-commerce, and database integration 
  • applications which will be used by your customers as part of your services 
  • back office systems which run your main business processes, when not available off-the-shelf. 
  • Unique new software platforms for new startup companies, or new services.
  • missing bits of system, e.g. you may have the order processing but not the forecasting and   reporting of actuals vs forecast.
  • workflow systems
  • automating parts of your processes tying into your existing systems 
  • integrated system solutions
  • interactive voice response systems (IVRs) which are automated telephone systems (you don't need to buy hardware for this)
  • automated reporting systems 
  • automated eMailing and posting of letters without requiring machines or staff
  • automated calculation engines, e.g. automatic invoicing systems with rules 

Often systems we build have elements of all of the above.

We deal with a wide spectrum of project sizes, from as small as a couple of hours, to multi-month projects. It's more about the value the project adds, than it's size.

Our work is generally on a fixed-price basis, and for certain systems we enter into a partnership agreement where we share in the revenue stream if applicable.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial discussion.