In addition to normal website design and build, we provide a wide range of more advanced web site services including:

  • Upgrading your website so that you can change most (sometimes all) of the content yourself with your own staff when you want to.
  • Have live forms within the site, eg. to capture enquiries etc.
  • Surveys
  • eCommerce facilities 
  • Showing data from your other systems which are relevant to your customer etc. 
  • Full Transactional websites - i.e. the website will work as part of your business system 
  • Allowing your customers to look up their information through your website
  • Allowing your customers to use your services via your website
  • Websites that integrate with other data from other companies, as well as your own. 
  • Handheld websites and handheld applications 

Make contact and tell us your ideas, and from an informal discussion, we can usually give a fairly quick indication of the effort level and cost involved, and help you calculate the return on the work, as well as how to fund it.